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Stop taking my existence for granted. You exist because I do!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

As much as I remember from my childhood, spilling into my teens and until now, there have been many instances of molestation that I faced.

Time no bar, age no bar, location no bar, status no bar, occupation no bar.

My thoughts also had no bar! I kept wondering what it was all about, what was the thrill, what was so exciting. I just kept wondering.

My reactions had no bar either! From staying silent to confronting right in the middle of the crowd, I have done it all. I have felt confused, scared, uncomfortable, angry, frustrated, lost.

To reinforce my experiences, my family would be uneasy and would keep checking on my well being every time I would travel alone or work until late. From early on, I have heard sentences like, “Be careful, don’t go out late night, and don’t go alone.” But to this day, I am unclear about what to do. I am a well educated, well traveled, well experienced, confident and ambitious woman. And I am scared, scared to assert my freedom 100%.

I have the courage to be the Happiest, Healthiest version of myself.

Then comes the dilemma. On one hand, I feel so proud of myself for all the internal work I have done in last three years. I feel so powerful and in control today, that come what may I can handle it and come out a warrior. On the other hand, I feel not-so-confident about my basic safety and security.

Freedom is being YOU!

So then, do we conclude that this gap between the two genders cannot be bridged?

I strongly feel the whole mindset is plagued. Everyday there’s a drama, a scene created around this. Everybody is looking at everybody to do something about it. And what innovation in reacting to all such instances!

Can we, for once, stop fixing the issue, turn inwards and address the matter at core?

We’re not talking about just another issue that needs attention and solution. We’re talking about an issue that challenges the existence of an entire community - a community which is at the SOURCE of it all.

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