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23 lessons 'experienced' during my first ever Solo Travel: Thank you Pondicherry!

1. That growth is outside comfort zone.

2. That you must listen to all and do what you really want to.

3. That you experience the power within in situations that make you feel uncomfortable and you handle them on your own.

4. That Universe has your back. Trust. Before you think, help arrives.

5. That you can be fine without having something to do or someone to talk to all the time. In fact, it is phenomenal to experience.

6. That when travelling solo, you observe more - both outside and inside.

7. That there is immense beauty around to witness.

8. That people are willing to help and you can trust them.

9. That your focus is on admiring and capturing all that you see. So, very few pictures of you.

10. That you'll find other solo travelers and briefly connecting with them is super enriching.

11. That being unapologetically you is blissful. You operate from a place of "what do I need or want now".

12. That being with yourself and in the moment helps you reflect and realize so much about yourself and life.

13. That people, no matter what language they speak, what they eat or wear, are all the same. All are full of love and dealing with their own fears and insecurities. We are one.

14. That talking to strangers and listening to their stories is fun and beautiful.

15. That you are way more than what you think and label yourself as.

16. That asking people for help is not at all difficult. Ask and you shall receive.

17. That you can very well take care of yourself. In fact, you start attending to your own needs.

18. That uncertainty can be so much fun if only you can learn to okay with it.

19. That you need not always have a structured or organized agenda. Random choices and actions are what you need at times.

20. That you can move beyond sulking and receiving sympathy thereby saving so much time and energy. You are on your own, so anyway you have no choice.

21. That confronting your fears is the most fulfilling. Do that which you want to run away from.

22. That your two feet are the best vehicle to explore any place in depth.

23. That there is so much out there to be amazed at. Get out of your head.


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1 Comment

Ignatius Raphael
Ignatius Raphael
May 20, 2022

Lovely insightful learnings..

Keep enjoying.

Keep sharing.

Love your journey and shares ❤️

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