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brand aastha


The Vision

Everyone taps into their inner power and creates a loving relationship with themselves, translating into love and compassion flowing for everyone else.

The Mission

To coach corporate leaders to build their happiness muscle by expressing their highest potential. This is when they build deep meaningful relationships at the workplace.

Our Heart Codes

  • Maintain Integrity

  • Love yourself and love others 

  • Be grateful

  • Be authentic

  • Be a lifelong learner

  • Take charge

  • Make it World Class

  • Embrace change

What does AASTHA stand for?

Aastha is a Sanskrit word that signifies Belief or Hope.

The word, in its current context, connotes Faith in Self. That I am the one I have been waiting for. As humans, we all have an inherent desire to belong - belong to other individuals, a greater community or group. So much so that we associate our Happiness with the people and things outside us. However, we miss out on connecting and belonging to ourselves. That is where Happiness lies!

At the source of all organisational challenges, I believe, are dampening relationships and non-existential bonds. As humans, we all want to be seen and heard and experience relatedness.
How about creating those strong bonds and camaraderie with your team members and within the team?
How about creating a workplace environment with a strong background of relatedness?

What do you think is possible then?

Brand Aastha has been conceptualized to help Leaders experience and lead from joy instead of fear

With Aastha, 

I invite you to this beautiful journey of exploring and discovering that which you are seeking!

I invite you to redefine the rules of the Professional Game!

I invite you to not just take the wheel but also shift gears!

I invite you to drop all guards and come forth as a Leader who inspires!

Are you willing to create the team of your dreams? Are you willing to give all that it takes? Are you willing to experience the unexperienced?

Interestingly, it starts with YOU. Who you are BEING and how you're SHOWING up creates your REALITY.

Are you willing to look at what holds you back from creating that which you desire?


Remember Happy Leaders create Happy Organisations!

What are you waiting for?!

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