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Great use of my time!!! I could listen to Aastha for hours. 

Eleni Bolla, Pricing Manager, HP PSG, Greece

I had never thought, a Neuroscience-based breakthrough program will bring 180-degree change in my personality, behavior, thought process and humanity. 

The positive energy and attitude I carry today make my personality stronger. I am thankful to my personal coach Aastha who is more than a friend to me. I shared all those secrets of my life with Aastha which I had never thought of sharing even with my family members. The way she gives curious listening and keeps asking for more, it helps a lot in getting output-based answers. I remember one thing that she taught me is setting the "context”, trust me if you have a context, nothing will stop you from achieving the desired goal. I don’t have words to say thank you to Aastha for helping me understand the value of the family. I feel proud that I have a strong bonding with my wife, family and friends.

I have learnt the art of saying thank you, sorry and being responsible.

Aastha is always accessible. Whenever I felt low or wanted her support, she was always there. The moment I speak to her, I start getting positive energy.

Thank you for making me who I am today. I can’t forget your contribution to my life. A BIG thank you!

Meraj Ali, Operations Manager, Amazon, Chennai

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The session on ‘How Can I Experience Happiness Every Moment’ by Happiness Coach Aastha Tatia was very good. Thanks to my organization for making it possible for us and I would request to schedule one more such session on happiness and emotional health or any suitable topic by the same coach. With a very sweet and clear voice, which hypnotized me as the topic was very sensitive. Approaching the retirement age it showed me some ray of new horizons to think over my beliefs to get new results. Heard for the first time Curious listening and it awakened me to the depth. It was the only program I attended without blinking and without missing a single word.

Deepak Sharma, Head of Department-Mines Operations, Pali Project, UltraTech Cement Ltd., Mumbai

A recent session by Happiness Coach Aastha Tatia, organized for CREDAI members, was quite an engaging and enlightening experience. It was one of those rare sessions where all the participants who joined, stayed on until the end, despite extended hours.

With lot of comfort, command and confidence, Aastha had established a strong connect with the audience. Members opened up and shared from their lives. Every member had a smile and specific tools as takeaways from the session.

It was a captivating session and truly a great experience.

Amrita Gupta, Director - Manglam Builders, Founder and State Coordinator - CREDAI Rajasthan Women’s Wing

The concept of personal coach is really amazing. It was great to have Aastha as my coach as I was comfortable to share my fears and upsets with her. Instead of providing me good solutions, she asked me good questions which indirectly put my brain to work and thus correctly said “Only you can solve your own created problems”.

When you’re upset with someone, you only focus on the things that have gone wrong and thus your brain makes you start hating that person. Aastha made me realize that amidst the things gone wrong, I was the one who took the conversation to a negative direction because of my set patterns and it was me who was directing the conversation towards a sad end and not the other person.

I have realised how less we know about ourselves and how our brain takes so much control over our actions which we have no clue about.

Siddharth Jain, Second Generation Entrepreneur, Jaipur

It was a great experience with my Coach Aastha.

My breakthrough during the session was when I realised that "to be on time" is a very big pattern that I was running, which actually created a lot of stress.

Secondly, the discussion related to money was an eye opener for me. I started viewing ‘earning money’ very differently. It has made me more optimistic and is helping me grow my business each day.

Overall, it was actually tough having a deep surgery of my mind patterns with the expert surgeon Aastha! But yes, I would say it was worth every penny to get my deep rooted beliefs uprooted and made me face the reality.

A bliss experience altogether!

Nipun Daga, Corporate and Youth Trainer, Chartered Accountant, Jaipur

Dr. Usha Gupta, Sr. Specialist Gynaecologist, Jaipur

Hasil Gora, People Partner at GradRight Inc., Hyderabad

I went through some difficult relationship challenges. I was blank on what to do and what not, during that phase of my life.

I had a call with Aastha. I got the clarity that no one else could help me. Only I could transform the situation.

I worked on it diligently and have started feeling the desired happiness and peace. Meditation and positive affirmation are giving me exceptional results.

Sandeep Dangda, Manager (Design), AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.

I have benefitted from the sessions I took with you. I have been able to deal with my fears. 

The biggest takeaway has been the practice of gratitude. Every day I would write and send to you the things I was grateful for. This made me accountable and has had a huge impact on me. This has led me to think positively. 

Sachin Gogad, Director, Shree Ganesh Print Fab Pvt. Ltd., Pali

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Himanshu Bolya, Assistant Manager, Girnar Care, Jaipur

Balaji Krishnamoorthy, Head-Facility & Maintenance, A Private Organization, Bengaluru

Deepanwita Datta, Sr. Database Developer, IBM, Kolkata

Kenneth Vincent

Kaushik Pasi, Mumbai

Satish Shenoy
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Satish Shenoy, Bengaluru

Mahesh Upasani, New Delhi

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