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"My team is with me only because I am the boss else they would rate me zero."

"There is a disparity in the way male and female leaders are treated and I get intimidated and shut down when someone is rude."

"My boss brings up something suddenly and I cannot refuse else he’ll impact my rating. My work suffers, so does my credibility."

"Seniors are very arrogant which is killing my confidence and keenness to work."


"Credit for my hard work is given to someone else. No recognition, no support for me. I feel demotivated and am losing confidence in myself."

These are some statements that many of you as corporate leaders may resonate with. 

What is the underlying pain?



What is the impact? How do you feel?


What if nothing changes and you continue to feel the same way as you do today? (Reference to above statements)

Now consider these,

  • You experience increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  • You distinguish between what is in control and what is beyond control and act on what is in your control

  • You understand yourself better - Who am I? What do I really want?

  • You develop meaningful work relations

  • You experience peace and calm 

  • You experience a shift in your personal relations

  • You start working at increased potential  

How do we together create this?

We offer two programs:

  1. Workplace Relationship Blueprint

  2. SWAYAM - Super Human Acceleration

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