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I was busy trying to fit in when I was born to stand out!

I take pride in announcing to the world that I am Aastha Tatia, the Happiness Coach. I help Leaders become Happy Leaders who create Happy Organisations. However, conceptualizing my own brand ‘AASTHA’ is not just a goal reached or milestone achieved, it is my rebirth in true sense. I had never ever thought of this, leave aside dreaming about it. Today, I feel confident, powerful, energetic, self-expressed and unstoppable. I feel HAPPY!

Things were, however, quite different if I take a trip down the memory lane. All my life I was just trying to fit in. I wanted to be the perfect daughter, perfect student, perfect wife, perfect daughter-in-law, perfect mother, perfect friend, perfect employee, perfect boss, perfect anchor and perfect coach. I was busy proving myself, that I was the best and perfect. It made me feel miserable, uneasy and not good enough. My relationships, both personally and professionally, were good but they were superficial because there was a huge gap between what I felt and what I said. There was a void within me but I didn’t know how to fill it.

Then, 2.5 years back started my inward journey of self discovery and transformation. I was fortunate enough and am immensely grateful to my coaches Kishore Chainani and Sanjeev Sachdev who helped me connect with Aastha - her likes, dislikes, what does she want to do and not do, her desires. As a Life Coach, while I worked with lot of people helping them in their journeys creating breakthroughs, I have consistently been working on myself. I could rid myself of my severe claustrophobia. I created deep, meaningful relationships around me. I discovered the purpose of my life. I haven’t felt as fulfilled and complete as I do today. I started to love myself!

While a lot of you may feel déjà vu, but the point I’m trying to make here is that we go on living our lives conforming to the social checklist and societal norms and we keep running and running until we meet dead end. Then we realize that while everything was beautiful, we just missed one thing – BEING HAPPY.

That’s where I want you to experience the Power of Choice, choice to be happy in every moment, that which I discovered and experienced!

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