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“I gave love to the wrong person. What a waste!”

Ever heard this? Does this resonate with you?

At times we go through experiences in life that set us doubting ourselves.

“How could I give my love, care, compassion, kindness to that person? That person doesn’t deserve!”

It leaves you wondering and regretting. You focus on the way that people abused what you gave them and the hurt caused thereby. Wherever you place your attention, your energy flows there. Hence, the hurt gets bigger and bigger.

Secondly, you start to label yourself. Yes, I am talking about the famous self talk! This further pulls you down.

Lastly, you make decision to never do it again, be very cautions, less generous. You get sucked into the downward spiral.

How does this make you feel? Certainly not empowered!

How about instead focusing your energy on the fact that this love, care, compassion, kindness or other such emotion is there within you? The beauty is that you have been able to give all of this because you have it within you. It makes you who you are.

Moreover, the other person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle rather than you.

The moment you change your thoughts and focus, you experience unlimited power and control. It is in this moment that you can stand tall and with grace.

So, don’t be harsh on yourself. Love yourself for who you are. Be proud.

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