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I woke up last morning feeling not so good, I shall say gloomy.

Yoga, meditation, incantations, gratitude journal could help very little. It was one of those rare mornings where I felt clueless, worthless, hopeless!

The big question that I was asking myself was, "Do I have it in me? Despite all the work I've done on myself, I can't pull myself out of the melancholy?!

Then as I went about attending to the daily chores, I made a CHOICE! I reminded myself that I AM ENOUGH. I gave ME all MY love. I reminisced all my emotional accomplishments and told myself, "It's okay! It's okay to feel what I'm feeling. It's okay to run my patterns. It's okay to take time to unlearn."

I kept taking my planned actions. What followed was a gradual but powerful change in my state of mind. And I had one of the most productive days yesterday.


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