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What will you learn in the masterclass?

  • Learn what is causing the pain, frustration, loneliness, hopelessness at the workplace.

  • Identify where exactly are you stuck in your corporate journey.   

  • Get the exact roadmap by which you can turn around your strained relationship.

  • Get absolute clarity about the next step that you need to take.

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This 120-minute masterclass is all you need to learn these four things that will transform your workplace relationships and will help you take your leadership to the next level.

What people have to say about The Masterclass!
Shibaji Bakshi

Shibaji Bakshi
CA and CS, CFO for a reputed group

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Still wondering if this masterclass is for you?

Tick in the points that are a YES for you.

If you checked any of these boxes above, then you’re struggling with workplace relationship challenges.

Let me tell you it is absolutely natural.

All you need to do is take action!

I invite you to register for this masterclass.

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Register to Unlock Special Rewards

Register and get bonuses worth INR 9,999 ABSOLUTELY FREE. You'll get to unlock these bonuses at the end of the LIVE masterclass on 30th January.


Bonus#18 ways to have a super productive day

Do you struggle with laziness and frustration because you plan but your day doesn’t turn out as desired?

Then, here’s your access to the video course

worth INR 5499, that will help you move beyond

the uncertainty and turn your day into a productive

and fulfilling one.



   Bonus#2Start your journey with Happiness Journal


If you’ve been wondering where to start, then get

your Happiness Journal worth INR 4500 NOW.

I promise you that this journal will help you

experience a huge shift wherever you’re stuck

right now. A very simple, straightforward tool

to happiness.

Meet your
Happiness Coach, Aastha Tatia

An engineer, MBA, a corporate executive turned Anchorperson, now a Happiness Coach, Aastha helps corporate leaders become the most sought-after leaders by creating deep connections and meaningful relationships in their organizations.

Aastha is an Amazon #1 Bestseller author. Her book ‘Survive or Thrive’ talks about turning around your leadership journey from fear to joy.


Aastha’s mission is to help Corporate Leaders identify the fears that are causing pain, frustration, loneliness, hopelessness in their lives and create the step-by-step road map to move beyond these barriers and accomplish that which they really want.

Her journey has been one of Self-Discovery and Transformation. Starting back in January 2018 as a full-time Coach, Aastha has worked massively and has caused miraculous results for herself. She has helped corporate executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to go beyond their barriers and create massive results.

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Meet your
Happiness Coach, Aastha Tatia

Great use of my time!!! I could listen to Aastha for hours. 

Eleni Bolla, Pricing Manager, HP PSG, Greece

The session on ‘How Can I Experience Happiness Every Moment’ by Happiness Coach Aastha Tatia was very good. Thanks to my organization for making it possible for us and I would request to schedule one more such session on happiness and emotional health or any suitable topic by the same coach. With a very sweet and clear voice, which hypnotized me as the topic was very sensitive. Approaching the retirement age it showed me some ray of new horizons to think over my beliefs to get new results. Heard for the first time Curious listening and it awakened me to the depth. It was the only program I attended without blinking and without missing a single word.

Deepak Sharma, Head of Department-Mines Operations, Pali Project, UltraTech Cement Ltd., Mumbai

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