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Belonging to Yourself is the key to


Happy Leaders create Happy Organisations

Build deep connections and meaningful relationships in your organizations and CREATE the growth & work experience that you desire.


I'm Aastha Tatia, daughter of two rock-solid pillars, mother to a lovely daughter, wife of a humour king. An Engineer, MBA, a corporate executive turned Anchorperson, transformed into an Author and a Happiness Coach, I help Corporate Leaders build their happiness muscle by creating deep connections and meaningful relationships in their organizations.

The journey, thus far, for me has been one of Self-Discovery and Transformation. Starting back in January 2018 as a full-time Coach, I have worked massively and have caused miraculous results for myself. I experienced happiness very profoundly I'd say. I strongly feel that an individual can give to others only that which he/she possesses. Hence, I embarked on the journey of sharing with people what I gifted myself.


I founded Aastha Tatia Coaching and Thriving Leaders Tribe to share and spread my message. I have coached people from various walks of life, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, all of whom were struggling in their work relationships (read relationships with themselves).

What makes the journey super exciting is that you identify the barriers, what holds you back from living the life that you desire and move beyond those barriers.

YOU hold the power to create all that you desire! 

The question is are you willing to make the choice and bring the commitment that "Whatever it takes, I am at it".

If YES, then let's meet and co-create. 

I would love to work with you and be a part of your beautiful life journey.


Remember, Happiness is a Choice! And you could LEARN to make that choice. 

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How I Can Help You

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